[OpenAFS] Some questions about AFS

Harald Barth haba@kth.se
Fri, 18 Jan 2008 17:48:58 +0100 (CET)

> I used plain UFS and the namei version of the server.  Use of this machine was only
> for testing purposes, we'll probably only use Redhat machines if we start using it
> in production environment.

We use CentOS with xfs for the /vicepX, everything else ext2/3.

> Ok, thanks.  A related question to this is how database replication works, the databases
> became quite large.  80MB prdb and 40MB vldb.  Will it only copy changed entries or
> may the whole database be copied?

Oh, I'm a bit astonished...

-rw-------  1 root bin 4557888 Jan 18 16:08 prdb.DB0
-rw-------  1 root bin 1093696 Jan 18 17:19 vldb.DB0

so I never thought much about it. Your stress tests might have had
some effects.

> Yes, I've seen that, and I also saw some recommendations about having a small number
> of entries in each directory, but is this still an issue today?

There are a lot of stupid gui thingies out there that want to stat
every dir they see. And color-ls and such things. Shrug.

> I just noticed that I couldn't create a volume in the server manager either:
> The AFS Server Manager was unable to create volume gurka on partition
> /vicepa of server apa
> Error: not synchronization site (should work on sync site)(0x00001501)

Does vos do the trick? In that case that is probably a bug.

udebug is a nice program you can use to check if your DB servers are
in sync. vos finds the sync site (the one changes are written to)
automatically, so you never think about it.