[OpenAFS] Some questions about AFS

Anders Magnusson ragge@dc.ltu.se
Sat, 19 Jan 2008 12:19:52 +0100

Jeffrey Altman skrev:
>> I tested by
>>  adding 64k mountpoints (volumes) in one directory, and accessing 
>> directories below did
>>  not become noticeably slower.  The only peculiarity I noted was that 
>> Windows explorer
>>  only showed the first 1000 entries, but I don't know if it is a bug 
>> in explorer or the AFS client.
> The Explorer Shell will try to evaluate the contents of each mount 
> point before displaying the entry.  It may be that you simply didn't 
> give it enough time to do so.  I have test directories with more than 
> 10,000 items that are displayed in full and \\afs\andrew.cmu.edu\usr\ 
> is a particularly harsh test case as it is a directory full of 
> symlinks to mountpoints to volumes
Ok, thanks.  It may have been me that were too impatient :-)

>> - A few problems with the windows manager tools were also noted, it 
>> may be just me that
>>  haven't really understand how it all works :-)
>>    In the server manager; running salvager failed with the error 
>> messages:
>>       The AFS server manager was unable to perform the requested 
>> salvage operation.
>>       Error: unable to successfully read log file (0x0000422A)
> You aren't running the AFS Servers on Windows.
Ok, is that a requirement to make it working?

> In any case, the Server Manager tool is not particularly well 
> supported and in my opinion not very well designed.  Do not make your 
> evaluation of OpenAFS based upon the existence of this tool unless you 
> are will to sink development resources or money into its replacement.
The evaluation has been mainly based on stability and performance, and 
that has from our
perspective been no problem :-) 

>>  Also, moving volumes do not work, but I get no error message.  
>> ``nothing happens''.
>>  The AFS account manager do not start for me at all, it just hangs 
>> with "Querying; please wait...".
> The AFS Account Manager is "kaserver" and the tool is designed for 
> managing the server running on Windows.  You are using Heimdal as your 
> KDC and you are not running the servers on Windows.
Hm, ok. 

Is kaserver used if the servers are running on Windows?   And would it 
be difficult to fix
the account manager to work against any server?

The reason I'm asking is that we may want to make use of the ability for 
people to create
and maintain their own groups, and that would require something more 
user-friendly than
the command-line stuff :-)

-- Ragge