[OpenAFS] Replication, Fail-over, Disconnected Operation and Caching

openafs@bobich.net openafs@bobich.net
Fri, 25 Jan 2008 17:49:29 +0000 (GMT)

>> 2) From the documentation, it looks like the replication mechanism is
>> single-master / multiple-slaves, i.e. one read-write server, multiple
>> read-only servers. Is that correct?
> Yes
>> If so, do clients transparently handle
>> this? Are writes transparently routed to the read-write server while still
>> allowing reads to come from a more local, faster, read-only server.
> Not in the manner you're suggesting, since the volumes don't auto-replicate
> (you can publish at discrete times but it's not you write and the change is
> autopushed) you don't want that anyway.

I see, so replicated volumes are static, rather than constantly catching 

>> 4) If the read-write server fails, how does OpenAFS handle failing over to
>> the replicated backup? When the original master comes back up, how
>> transparently / gracefully does this happen?
> For read-write, you can't see it. For readonly, a volume is a volume.

So, mounting a read-write volume doesn't transparently fail and promote 
the backup.

Thanks for the quick response.