[OpenAFS] AFS performance problems at cell phy.bris.ac.uk

avison48 avison48@yahoo.co.uk
Thu, 31 Jan 2008 15:57:13 +0000 (GMT)

Dear All,

We are seeing very very similar behaviour at cell
It appeared to start sometime after 3am Tuesday;
backup of AFS server finished 02:47 Tues & were as
usual swift; on Tuesday afternoon users noticed AFS
was hardly responding; AFS backup last night 99% all 
timed out.

Our AFS logs going back to 20 January (well before
problem) list the same .de hosts & other content that
Martin noted. So altho one wonders why, the fact is
server was not slow then. So that content does not
flag a server-response problem (just a puzzle about
the .de hosts)

Our AFS server is also old version but up to 3am
Tuesday it worked awsome.

I've been watching tcpdump to our afs server &
reqeusts to it really do seem to hang, as if it is
taking a long time to find its data. But this
sluggishness is very abruptly new.
Could it be something external? AFS servers do contact
other AFS servers, don't they?

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