[OpenAFS] RE: Kerberos 3.2.2

Jan janbog@telia.com
Thu, 24 Jan 2008 17:54:22 +0100

Dear Support,

I am using 64 version of Kerberos 3.2.2. and 64 bit of OpenAFS 1.5.30.
Experiencing following problem:

What I s going on is that the Kerberos seems to be well installed and 
Working fine (I can get new credential), but the problem occurred after
loading the 64 bit version of OpenAFS 1.5.30.  

When I am trying to obtain a new token I am getting the 
following error message:
"The AFS Client was unable to obtain token as janbog in cell physto.se. 
Error 56 (Authentication server was unavailable)".

Please help!
Jan Bogdanski
Stockholm University