[OpenAFS] Windows client problems - some questions

Jeff Blaine jblaine@kickflop.net
Mon, 06 Apr 2009 15:30:25 -0400

Looks like the Cisco VPN client.  I can see the
openafs.org cell with the VPN shut down.  Bleh.

Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> Jeff Blaine wrote:
>> Jeffrey Altman wrote:
>>> The list of IP addresses on the machine is unstable.
>>> The netbios name registration is being lost because the
>>> IP address it was bound to on the loopback adapter no
>>> longer exists.  afsd_service.exe attempts to recover
>>> by rebinding and the same event reoccurs.
>>> Is the IP address bound to the loopback adapter in
>>> use somewhere else in your network?  Is there a routing
>>> conflict?
>> is not in use somewhere else in my network
>> if that's the address you're referring to (the loopback
>> adapter / afs).
>> is the "real" NIC's address, which is my home
>> network.
>> VPN-ing into work gets another address which is neither
>> 192.x nor 10.x
>> I can see RX data between the servers and the VPN
>> interface when I try \\afs\our.org (obviously very
>> little, however)
> The issue is outside AFS.  The problem is either your
> VPN software or something else within the Windows networking
> stack or something on your home network that Windows is
> reacting to.
> AFS is doing everything in its power to maintain the
> connection.  Nothing it can do when the network underneath
> it is being torn out.
> I'm sorry I don't have an answer for you.