[OpenAFS] Only db server host can log into a "remote" fileserver volume

Christopher D. Clausen cclausen@acm.org
Sat, 28 Feb 2009 13:34:42 -0600

John Betts <bettsjohn@mac.com> wrote:
> I am having trouble accessing a particular volume hosted by a stand-
> alone OpenAFS fileserver, from any client other than the one running
> on the DB Server Host.
> (_including_ the client running on the file server hosting the volume
> in question).
> host1 - DB Server + File Server (Ubuntu 8.10 Server Linux i386 OpenAFS
> 1.4.7) - hosting volume cell.shared on vicepa mounted on /afs/my.cell/
> shared
> host2 - File Server (Linux sparc OpenAFS 1.5.57) - hosting volume
> cell.data on vicepa mounted on /afs/my.cell/data
> host3 - Client (Intel OS X 10.5 Client - OpenAFS 1.5.57)
> host4 - Client (PPC OS X 10.5 Server - OpenAFS 1.5.57 + Kerberos v5
> KDC)
> 1) if I am on any of the above hosts, I can go to /afs/my.cell/shared
> and perform any operation
> 2) if I am on host1 (DB Server host), I can go to /afs/my.cell/data
> and perform any operation
> 3) if I am on any host other than host1, including host 2 where
> cell.data is hosted, I get the Lost contact with file server error.

It sounds like you have a non-routable IP in the volume database 

Please show output of:
vos listvldb -nore

Also show contents of /etc/hosts from host1 and host2

Several of us are on the #openafs IRC channel on Freenode and we can 
help you debug further.