[OpenAFS] Unable to 'move' volume....volume ID too large / cloned volume not findable?

Giovanni Bracco bracco@frascati.enea.it
Mon, 23 Mar 2009 09:14:49 +0100

On Sunday 22 March 2009 21:46, Todd DeSantis wrote:
> Hi Rainer - Hi Hartmut ::
> > Yes, of course, but what error changed the MaxVolumeId in the vleserver
> > is still completely unclear. BTW also we had a giant jump in the volume
> > ids some years ago, but fortunately it was not big enough to reach the
> > sign bit.
> The MaxVolumeId can be changed several ways, via a "vos restore" and I
> believe a "vos syncvldb or syncserv".
> Most likely, the initial jump was via the "vos restore" command.
> [src] vos restore -h
> Usage: vos restore -server <machine name> -partition <partition name> -name
> <nam
> e of volume to be restored> [-file <dump file>] [-id <volume ID>]
> [-overwrite <a
> bort | full | incremental>] [-cell <cell name>] [-noauth] [-localauth]
> [-verbose
> ] [-timeout <timeout in seconds >] [-help]
> If you use the [-id <volume ID>] and have a typo in the volume ID, the
> volumeID for the volume will be out of normal sequence and this will set
> the MaxVolumeID to this large number.
> Also, I believe that a "vos syncvldb or syncserv" will check the volumeIDs
> it is playing with and will check it against the MaxVolumeID and raise
> MaxVolumeID if necessary.
> I think when we saw this happen to an AFS cell, we gave the customer a
> tool to reset the MaxVolumeID to a more manageable number and they
> restored the volumes and gave them lower IDs.

Hello Todd,
that was not the case when the problem arised in our cell, but nowadays that 
detail is not so important, while I think that the important thing is that 
the problem is solved for the future due to the patches that Jeffrey has 
announced in another posting in this threads!


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