[OpenAFS] windows list permission confusion

Sean O'Malley omalleys@msu.edu
Wed, 25 Mar 2009 16:17:42 -0400 (EDT)

Our users are getting confused with the 'list' permission and the Windows
client. The Windows afs client -will- show 0k files if you have the list
permission, but in the Windows Explorer "properties get/show change
permissions" box thing, they see that it is set to read-only box is
checked when in fact it is not read only, it is list only.

In contrast, if they go through the afs->smb gateway, samba
doesn't show the file because they don't have read permissions. (it
ignores the list acl.) They either think, the smb-gateways do not work,
or they lost their files so we end up with a phone call.

This inconsistancy is causing confusion and frustration with our users and
our helpdesk.

Can we have the default be "list" doesn't show any files in the Explorer?
Or at least not have the checkbox come back and say they have read-only
permissions when in fact they don't. We can potentially make an override
advance preference for advanced users. (I am sure there are good reasons
to make list permissions list files, however, that is a more advanced
topic then some of our users can handle.)

Should I file this as a bug report? I am not sure if this is by design, or
if it is a legitimate bug because it is setting the read-only flag for the


  Sean O'Malley, Information Technologist
  Michigan State University