[OpenAFS] what about partitions larger than 2 TB?

Giovanni Bracco bracco@frascati.enea.it
Sun, 29 Nov 2009 18:52:57 +0100

What is the situation for partitions larger than 2 TB?

We have a file server with two partitions of 5 TB

%vos partinfo linafs1.frascati.enea.it
Free space on partition /vicepa: 3357685900 K blocks out of total 5016031624
Free space on partition /vicepb: 4950671196 K blocks out of total 5175721624

and apparentely they works but the "fs" command from openafs 1.4.11 does
not report correctly the information about quota or available blocks

Also "fs" from openafs 1.5.66 has the same problem.

%./fs lq ~toselli
Volume Name                    Quota       Used %Used   Partition
user.toselli                40000000   17710136   44%        230%<<

%./fs examine ~toselli
File /afs/enea.it/fra/user/toselli (536939031.1.1) contained in volume
Volume status for vid = 536939031 named user.toselli
Current disk quota is 40000000
Current blocks used are 17710136
The partition has -937281318 blocks available out of 721064328