[OpenAFS] Re: Proposed changes for server log rotation

omalleys@msu.edu omalleys@msu.edu
Fri, 03 Dec 2010 09:03:28 -0500

The problem with syslog was you needed something with the features of  
say syslog-ng, it had to be consistent available to all the platforms  
and you only had like 8 logging facilities. This has changed on most  
of the platforms over the years.

What features do we need in logrotate? We should actually put in a  
request to the logrotate dev group to have those features added. We  
might not ever use it or it might be in 2.6 but it is always nice to  
have an extra option. Even if it gets implemented it will take a while  
to propagate through the various channels.

MRTG/rrdtool style of graphing and stats would be ultra cool.