[OpenAFS] Trying to use OpenAFS-1.5.xx with Linux

Dale Pontius pontius@btv.ibm.com
Mon, 22 Feb 2010 16:15:54 -0500

I'm attempting to get OpenAFS-1.5.xx running with Linux, in order to
gain disconnect/reconnect capability on a laptop.  I normally run 1.4.11
or 1.4.12_pre for normal use.  (Running 1.4.12_pre to get something that
will work with a 2.6.33-rc kernel.)

I've made 3 stabs at it so far.  (By the way, on 2.6.33-rc8 with Gentoo
1.5.69 built OK, but segfaulted as soon as I tried to start the client
1.5.71 built OK and started OK, but results were horribly inconsistent. 
Sometimes I could klog and get a token, sometimes not.  I never saw /afs
properly mounted with content.

I had the most success with 1.5.72.  It built, started, and mounted
/afs.  I could see my home directory and another departmental directory
over which I have control.  That departmental directory had several
mount points directly under it, and I could see those, as well.  It also
had a directory "Data" and several mount points, "dataN" (for several
values of N) and I could NOT see those, no mount point, no data, nothing.

I also tried "fs discon -offline" and indeed got offline, with
anticipated data visiblity.  But when I tried "fs discon -online" I was
told as both root (no token) and myself (with token) that I didn't have
enough authority.

I've not doubt that some of these problems are of my own making, but
haven't see a lot of discussion of OpenAFS-1.5 with Linux to start
learning from others.

Is more information or advice available, so I can start hammering out
these problems?

Dale Pontius

Dale Pontius
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IBM Corporation
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