[OpenAFS] Re: Recommended way to start up OpenAFS on Solaris 10?

Adam Megacz adam@megacz.com
Sat, 30 Jan 2010 20:09:36 +0000

Atro Tossavainen <atro.tossavainen+openafs@helsinki.fi> writes:
> Is everybody still writing their own SMF bits to start OpenAFS on
> Solaris 10 without /etc/init.d bits, or is there already a Received
> Way of doing this?

For the server component, I use the script below (with runit, sort of
like SMF for Linux).

If my "make bosserver handle SIGTERM properly" patch is merged, this
mess will get a lot simpler (and more reliable):

mkdir -p /etc/service/$DAEMON/control
echo '#!/bin/bash'                                                > /etc/service/.tmpfile-$DAEMON
echo '/usr/bin/bos shutdown -wait -localauth `hostname`'         >> /etc/service/.tmpfile-$DAEMON
echo 'kill `cat /etc/service/$DAEMON/supervise/pid`'             >> /etc/service/.tmpfile-$DAEMON
chmod +x /etc/service/.tmpfile-$DAEMON
mv /etc/service/.tmpfile-$DAEMON /etc/service/$DAEMON/control/t

exec /usr/sbin/bosserver -nofork