[OpenAFS] MS Access databases on AFS

Richard Heggs richard@ingenitor.net
Wed, 22 Sep 2010 20:39:49 +0100

Thanks, Jeffrey.

That will probably be sufficient.  It'll probably be irrelevant by  
Christmas.  With any luck :)


Quoting Jeffrey Altman <jaltman@secure-endpoints.com>:

> On 9/22/2010 9:50 AM, Richard Heggs wrote:
>> Hi Dirk,
>> Yes, I agree with everything you say.  As I said in my first post, I am
>> working on a replacement) with PostgreSQL at the back and a web
>> frontend). That is some months away to completion, though, and they need
>> a temporary solution *now*.
>> I was horrified when I learned that they were keeping critical data in a
>> MS Access database.  And even more horrified when I learned that it was
>> backed up "whenever someone remembers"!
>> Richard
> MS Access will request byte range locks on the db-file.  Those will be
> converted to full file locks in AFS by the cache manager.  You won't be
> able to share the database in AFS.  However, since AFS locks are
> advisory there is nothing to prevent someone with authorization and
> malicious intent to delete the file or write over it.   That is of
> course true with any file in AFS.
> Jeffrey Altman