[OpenAFS] Request for Assistance with OpenAFS

Rudolf Bauer E1 rbauer@ipp.mpg.de
Fri, 17 Sep 2010 11:05:21 +0200


I have a strange problem with OpenAFS client 1.5.77 running on Windows=20
7. When there is low traffic in AFS the client works fine. In times with=20
more traffic it always hangs up. When hanging it takes pretty high CPU=20
time. When trying to login in this state it shows error code 11862791=20
(AFS service may not have startet). But in computer management I see=20
OpenAFS Client Service startet and working fine. Additionally I see in=20
the event viewer periodically the warning "Unable to send SMB Packet:=20
NRC_SABORT session ended abnormally." approx. every 5 seconds from the=20
OpenAFS Client.
A reinstall of the client, uninstalling the AFS loopback adapter and=20
deactivating NetBios in TCP/IP settings seem to have no effect on the iss=
I would be thankful for proposals on how to solve this problem.


Rudi Bauer
Max-Planck-Institut f=FCr Plasmaphysik, Garching