[OpenAFS] OpenAFS hiccups for multiple users on Win 7 Enterprise

Tobias Vockerodt vockerodt@iqo.uni-hannover.de
Fri, 11 Feb 2011 07:58:35 +0100

Dear Jeffrey, dear all,

since all other clients had no difficulties in accessing the VL server, 
we looked at what makes this machine special. There is a common 
broadband router (Linksys) used right before this machine. The last 
time, the outage occured, a router reset brought everything online again 
(unfortunately, it was too late for wireshark by then).

Have there been router specific problems in the past? I will have a 
detailed look at the router config, hopefully today.

With best regards,

Am 10.02.2011 05:03, schrieb Jeffrey Altman:
> On 2/9/2011 7:23 PM, Tobias Vockerodt wrote:
>> I recon that "CM_ERROR_ALLDOWN (VL Server)" indicates that server/client
>> communication is down. The mailing list archives just tell me about a
>> bug in 1.4.something. Could you have a look at the log?
>> Many thanks for advice,
>> Tobias Vockerodt
> The error indicates that none of the Volume Location DB servers for your
> cell are accessible.  According to DNS AFSDB records there is only one
> AFSDB server.  If communication between the client and the VLDB server
> is not possible at the time the location of a volume needs to be
> determined, all access to that volume will fail.  The volume for which
> location information is required is root.cell.  Therefore, no path in
> the iqo.uni-hannover.de cell will successfully be evaluated.
> The next question is afs1.iqo.uni-hannover.de either not reachable or
> not responding to queries from this machine.  The wireshark capture will
> help you with that.
> Jeffrey Altman