[OpenAFS] rsync into afs directory: File too large (27)

Dan Scott danieljamesscott@gmail.com
Fri, 10 Jun 2011 17:41:49 -0400


I'm synchronising (with a cronjob) some files from a directory on a
standalone server into an AFS directory on another and I receive
(several of) the following errors:

rsync: mkstemp "/afs/example.com/volumename/filename.dat" failed: File
too large (27)

The files are not large at all (10s of MB) and there are around 30,000
in the directory. There is plenty of quota available on the volume and
the partition containing the volume is 75% full.

The fileserver's FileLog contains:
Fri Jun 10 17:25:03 2011 FindClient: stillborn client
30022070(5cd23bfc); conn 4c01f7d0 (host had client

Anyone have any idea what could be causing the problem?