[OpenAFS] Re: - vos release

info@probanet.it info@probanet.it
Tue, 17 Jan 2012 09:59:50 +0100

On Mon, 16 Jan 2012 22:18:54 -0600, Andrew Deason <adeason@sinenomine.net=
> On Mon, 16 Jan 2012 17:08:57 +0100=0D
> <info@probanet.it> wrote:=0D
> =0D
>> Question:=0D
>> Is there a way to obtain a "fast release" (or something similar) from=0D
>> server B to C? (We would like to avoid the full release from A to C=0D
>> because the link is slow, while B and C are on the same local LAN).=0D
> =0D
> You can 'vos dump' the RO, and=0D
> 'vos restore -readonly -creation dump -lastupdate dump' to site C. Then=
> you can 'vos addsite -valid' site C, to add the site to the vldb and=0D
> force it being marked as an up-to-date site. (This functionality=0D
> probably could and should be added to 'vos')=0D
> =0D
> I'm not completely sure if that works as-is; there might be some odd=0D
> differences from a normal release, but it's something to try out.=0D
> There's also race conditions and error-prone behavior in there, so I=0D
> wouldn't recommend just doing that all the time or anything, unless som=
> more thought is put into it.=0D
Thank you very much for your help, we'll try that in the next days and=0D
we'll let you know how it worked! :) Thanks again!!=0D