[OpenAFS] Windows client interaction with Sophos Antivir

Christof Hanke christof.hanke@rzg.mpg.de
Fri, 20 Jan 2012 06:37:21 +0100


we are seeing on Windows7 (32bit) large delays when
accessing a .docx file > 30MB with "on-access scan" turned  on.

Client is 1.7.4.

The fileserver is pure openafs, git-based (1.6.0b-164-g03273), but we 
also see it on our custom OSD-fileservers.

I have attached a wireshark and a fstrace output, which I created using 
the .bat-script explained in
http://openafs-wiki.stanford.edu/AFSLore/debugging/ (defined issue)

The output files are in

The one with the timestamp
2012.18.01.9_57 are with Sophos on-access scan turned on,

The ones with 2012.18.01.10_12 are with the on-access scan.

It might have to do with locking, since a user reports that when opening 
the file with word, it is only opened read-only due to being locked by 
someone else.

Anyone else seeing this ?