[OpenAFS] Volume off-line after DB upgrade and VLDB lists wrong location

Staffan Hämälä sh@ltu.se
Mon, 26 Nov 2012 22:30:12 +0100

On Mon, 26 Nov 2012, Staffan Hämälä wrote:

> >vos syncvldb will not remove the duplicate volume, so you'll need to c=
> >and remove the bogus volume.  I'd use vos dump, giving the numeric id,=
> >partition id for each volume, check the volumes to see which one is th=
e most
> >recent, and vos zap (again with the numeric id and partition id) the o=
> >bogus volume, then resync the vldb.
> Ok. I now see that the *.vol files are still there.
> I just started vos dump, which seems to be doing things. I'll let it
> run and see what's in the file it creates.

The vos dump'ed file didn't work. vos restore reported:
Restoring volume test.afsfs1a Id 540159473 on server afsfs5.its.ltu.se
partition /vicepb ..Signature missing from end of file 'dump-afsfs1-a'
Could not transmit data
VOLSER: illegal operation
Error in vos restore command.
VOLSER: illegal operation

As both vos copy, and vos dump failed, I gather this was the bogus one.

I've now used vos zap and resynced the vldb on that file server.