[OpenAFS] OpenAFS kernel module compilation problems

Russ Allbery eagle@eyrie.org
Sat, 28 Jun 2014 17:30:47 -0700

Eric Frost <eric@ericfrost.org> writes:

> I've been using AFS on my home network for fun and decided to try to set
> up a Raspberry Pi to use it. I've run into some issues compiling the
> module with dkms.

> It seems the latest version is 1.6.1-3+deb7u2 in the repository. I know
> this isn't the latest source but for the experiment it'd suffice. I have
> a few kernels and sources on the machine, 3.2.51, 3.6.9, 3.10.11, and
> 3.12.22.

> On all versions but 3.2 the compile fails:

I assume this is Debian.  For newer kernels, use the OpenAFS packages from
wheezy-backports instead of the ones in wheezy.  (Or use testing or

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