[OpenAFS] any experiences with OpenAFS client on the upcoming MacOS 10.10 (yosemite) release?

Jan Iven jan.iven@cern.ch
Thu, 9 Oct 2014 10:52:33 +0200

On 10/08/2014 03:41 PM, Jan Iven wrote:
> Our Mac support was wondering whether MacOS 10.10 will run OpenAFS.
> Perhaps somebody has some experiences to share (apparently 10.9 needed a
> new openafs-1.6.6 release before becoming installable)?
> Of course, in the end we will need to do our own tests, but if the
> answer is "don't bother, needs a new release again" this might wait..

Some feedback from testing by our Mac support:

The 1.6.6 OpenAFS installer for OS X 10.9 refuses to install under 
10.10. The installer can be tweaked, the following issues have been 

- OpenAFS does not obtain a token at login

- obtaining a token via the OpenAFS menu does not work (it will ask for 
username and password even if you have a valid kerberos ticket)

- aklog on the command line gives a proper token

I could browse directories and look at files, no further testing was done.

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Hope this helps,