[OpenAFS] OpenAFS on AIX 7.1

Ted Creedon tcreedon@easystreet.net
Wed, 8 Feb 2017 23:04:51 +0000

1. I'l be willing to plead our case w/IBM, any shortcut names/emails?
2. What is the desired configuration (hw & sw)?
3. N.b I'm on a comcast dhcp line, fast & stable as long as there are no 24=
 hr shutdowns, I use dyndns to host my domain creedon.biz.
4. I have several boxen on an 3KVA UPS - works fine, lots of power avail.
5. My shop has A/C so servers  run continuously 24/7 year 'round.
6. After Russ's comments is it all going to  be worthwhile?
7. I have 3 afs servers on line (well as soon as  I can get afs re-installe=
8. I have geronimo.creedon.biz as a  spare build machine.
time nice make -j500 takes 30 sec.  Its a duplicate of ookpik.creedon.biz d=
ual xeon 64Gig, etc).
(ookpik has a xeon phi board installed if anyone wants to play).
9. I built/maintain all my own servers (since 1967).
10. Backups are the user's resp. although my servers could easily host anot=
her afs domain.

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Hi, Ted et al.

Please see below...

On Mon, Feb 06, 2017 at 09:25:35PM +0000, Ted Creedon wrote:
> I just happen to have a spare dual xeon 64gb linux box that could be made=
> and smaller MAC w/ parallels on it.
> I also have a dual 64gb xeon w/ a xeon phi card in it too. cost ~$3K
> with a little effort...
> IBM generally  waives license fees for non profits.
> tedc

If you are willing to host on the HW mentioned above, as a non-profit,
the Foundation can certainly make the ask of IBM. We would just need a
bit more detail on the exact ask.

> If what you meant was for the foundation
> itself to pay for virtual build servers,
> all that takes if for the foundation to
> decide to spend real money.  I presume
> they have considered that, but it might
> be worth asking the question explicitly
> if it has not been explicitly answered
> (I really have not been following the
> foundations activities).

W.r.t. build hosts, we've been working with folk on attempting to get a
Windows build host or two up. Now that we are into Feb 2017, I need to
follow up on those efforts.

If there's an ask for the Foundation to spend $$ on something
particular, be it build hosts, or even hiring someone to work on, say,
the AIX port, please submit a formal ask to foundation@openafs.org .
Contigent on funds, we will really consider it. And, donating any type
of funding towards this (for example, your org donates a $10K stipend
towards us hiring an independant contractor to work on AIX would go a
long way).


> It might not even cost a lot (as I recall,
> there are various on-demand builder
> spin-up capabilities in at least some
> SCMs so it is free until the commit),
> but it is all work someone would have
> to research.
David William Botsch
OpenAFS Foundation Board
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