[OpenAFS] problems with ubuntu 18.04 client

Andreas Ladanyi andreas.ladanyi@kit.edu
Thu, 4 Oct 2018 12:08:41 +0200

Hi Martin,

> Hi, again !
> Shortly after i send this mail to the list, one of the user report
> back ... same problemes like before ... :-(
> In an old  terminal (where afs was running well) everyhing seems to be
> ok, create files,folder, pwd... etc) but for  every new one terminal
> or GUI-Application the  AFS-Tree /afs/desy.de/user/  is not available
> anymore

are the volumes from the users online or offline ?

If the volumes are offline could you salvage (bos solvage ...) the
volumes which result in the volumes go online and later the volumes go
offline again ?

> Other directories in /afs/desy.de/ are available ...