[OpenAFS] OpenAFS Security Releases 1.8.2, 1.6.23 available

Benjamin Kaduk kaduk@mit.edu
Mon, 15 Oct 2018 18:43:05 -0500

On Sat, Oct 13, 2018 at 02:14:06PM -0400, Matt Vander Werf wrote:
> As far as I know, I don't believe support for RPMs has been dropped. From
> my understanding, it's just a matter of who does the release and if they
> have access to RPM-based systems to make the source RPM (SRPM) for said
> release (but I could be wrong).

You're exactly right; I don't have any RPM systems and had to do those
releases under embargo.

> If the SRPM doesn't get put out with the release, we essentially follow the
> instructions Richard sent, with a couple minor differences.
> The latest instructions from OpenAFS for how to create RPMs is here:
> https://wiki.openafs.org/devel/HowToBuildOpenAfsRpmPackages/ (very similar
> to Richard's).
> We use those instructions to create a SRPM (created by the 'make srpm'
> line) and then create our RPM packages from that SRPM (we have a process
> already for building RPMs from a SRPM, but the rpmbuild command on the link
> above works too).

I'll re-post the instructions I've gotten for how to generate an SRPM from

tar xf openafs-1.8.0-src.tar.bz2 openafs-1.8.0/src/packaging/RedHat
./openafs-1.8.0/src/packaging/RedHat/makesrpm.pl openafs-1.8.0-src.tar.bz2
openafs-1.8.0-doc.tar.bz2 RELNOTES-1.8.0 ChangeLog

This should be either done on a system with an old rpm or with the
following in ~/.rpmmacros:

# build EL5 compatible SRPMs:
%_source_filedigest_algorithm md5

An enterprising soul might find a good place for that in the wiki (ideally,
after verifying that it still works).