[OpenAFS] Problem starting dafileserver on 1.8.2

Neil Brown neilb+afs@inf.ed.ac.uk
Thu, 25 Oct 2018 12:36:49 +0100 (BST)


We are currently running 1.6.23 file servers. We want to upgrade to 1.8.2, 
but if I just bash on and replace the software, our dafsservers will no 
longer start, giving errors like:

/usr/afs/bin/dafileserver: Too many values after switch -vattachpar

We do pass quite a few arguments to dafs. What we are currently using
with 1.6.23 is:

/usr/afs/bin/dafileserver -L -p 128 -rxpck 400 -busyat 600 -s 1200 -l 1200 -cb 500000 -b 240 -vc 1200 -allow-dotted-principals -vattachpar 128 -vlruthresh 240

But as I say, the same with 1.8.2 gives the above error. If I keep the
same arguments, but in a different order, I get a different error:

bash# /usr/afs/bin/dafileserver  -vlruthresh 240 -L -p 128 -rxpck 400 -busyat 600 -s 1200 -l 1200 -cb 500000 -b 240 -vc 1200 -allow-dotted-principals -vattachpar 128
Illegal -implicit rights character '2'.

If I reduce the number of arguments dafileserver will start, so on one
of our experimental servers this does work:

/usr/afs/bin/dafileserver -L  -busyat 600 -s 1200 -l 1200 -b 240 -vc 1200 -allow-dotted-principals

I'm guessing it is maybe some buffer overflow in the argument
processing. I'm about to have a look at the source code, but I'll be a
bit out of my comfort zone.

Is anyone else running dafs on 1.8.2, what sort of arguments are you

Some extra info. Yes we are using "bos create" to generate a suitable
BosConfig file, we are not starting dafileserver straight from the
command line.

All those extra arguments have grown over time as we try to improve
the performance of our fileservers. For example a typical file server
hardware consists of a Dell Poweredge R730xd with 64GB memory, 12x4TB
disks RAID10'd together. Giving us 10x2TB vicep partitions with an
average of 130 user home volumes on each partition.

This is running on Scientific Linux 7.5.


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