[OpenAFS-testers] OpenAFS 1.2.8 Release Candidate 1 now available for testing

Garry Zacheiss zacheiss@MIT.EDU
Mon, 18 Nov 2002 14:36:08 -0500

A compressed tar file of OpenAFS 1.2.8-rc1 is now available at:


Changes in this release include:

- rxkad 2b.  This modification to rxkad allows native Kerberos 5
  support on clients.  To use this, you must be using a krb5 aklog
  along with the krb524d present in MIT Kerberos 5 1.2.6 or Heimdal
  0.51 (or later).   Further information about this feature will be
  available in the release notes for the final OpenAFS 1.2.8 release.

- The -fakestat switch to afsd will now only enable fakestat for
  mountpoints to volumes in foreign cells.  The -fakestat-all switch
  will provide the previous fakestat behavior.

- HP-UX 11.0 support is now available.  

- Support for Linux kernels that do not export the symbol
  sys_call_table, such as recent RedHat Linux kernels, is now provided
  in the base source distribution.  This support had previously existed
  only in the OpenAFS 1.2.7 RedHat RPMs.

- A working NFS translator for Solaris is now provided, and is compiled
  by default.

Please try out this candidate release and report your findings.

Garry, for the OpenAFS Gatekeepers