[OpenAFS-devel] afs on sparc64

John F Davis johndavi@us.ibm.com
Sat, 23 Oct 2004 11:04:31 -0400


I tried building two versions of openafs for debian on a sparc ultra10 
using 2.4.27 sparc64 and egcs.  Neither would work. 

The first version (debian stable 1.2.3) would build, but it would not load 
the drivers.  The driver needed sys_call_table32 but my kernel only 
exports sys_call_table.  I noticed that the symbol was present in an 
assembly file in the kernel but the assembly file was not being built by 
my kernel.  In fact, it was not even in the makefile so I don't know how 
to include it in the build.

The second version of open afs (debian unstable 1.2.11) would not even 
build, it had a myriad of problems to numerous to mention.

So my question is: Does anybody run afs on sparc64 Linux?  If so, how did 
you do it?  Do you have any notes or pointers I could read?  Would you be 
interested in more detail concerning the afs version 1.2.3 that I tired to 
get running?