[OpenAFS] Password expiration in UNIX

Vladimir Kondratiev vladimir.kondratiev@intel.com
Sat, 05 May 2001 01:19:52 +0300

I assume you want to implement some way to remind user about tokens 
expiration, let's say, by e-mail.

AFS utility 'tokens' prints, among other information, tokens expiration 
date. There may be better utility to obtain this info, but 'tokens' is 
good enough.

Just execute 'tokens' with some reasonable interval (from cron), parse 
output and perform any actions you find appropriate.

Regards, Vladimir.

Norman P. B. Joseph wrote:

>I'm aware that on most UNIX platforms an integrated AFS login will set an
>environment variable PASSWD_EXPIRES (AFS_PASSWD_EXPIRES on SGIs) to the number
>of days remaining before an AFS password expires.  On windowing systems where
>the user may log in on Monday and stay logged in for weeks or until the machine
>reboots this environment variable becomes pretty useless, as it only seems to
>get set upon login.
>Has anyone found or invented a suitable mechanism for warning users about AFS
>password expiration in such an environment?  Before I put my nose to the
>grindstone I'd like to find out what existing work there may already be.
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