[OpenAFS] Kernel module source rpms

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
15 May 2001 18:43:44 -0400

"Steven N. Hirsch" <shirsch@adelphia.net> writes:

> On 15 May 2001, Derek Atkins wrote:
> > I knew about redhat.sh and Makefile.extradefs missing.  I've got
> > a patch for that.  I also know that even with those files it
> > doesn't work right.  I haven't done the legwork to figure that out.
> >
> > Thanks for letting me know that the patch failed.  I'll look into
> > that, too.
> Hmm.  By "doesn't work right", are you referring to the build or the
> operation of AFS using the built module?  Once I stuck a -DAFS_SMP in
> CFLAGS in the Makefile (and hand-applied the failed patches), it built
> without any complaints, loaded and ran.

I was referring to the build itself.  You're right that I don't really
cope with SMP properly, and my fix still wont cope with that.  Hrm,
I'll really have to think about that one.  Do you have any
suggestions?  It would have been nice if SMP were defined somewhere
other than the Linux Makefile.

> I haven't severely stress-tested it yet, but this box locked up in seconds
> with the 1.03 release.  To even be up this long is a distinct improvement.


> What type of misbehavior should I be on the lookout for?

Um, I dont know.  I'm just trying to get it so that the distribution
builds when you install it :)

> Steve


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