[OpenAFS] open afs client on tru64 5.1

Johan Danielsson joda+openafs@pdc.kth.se
16 May 2001 11:39:44 +0200

Clare West <clare@cs.auckland.ac.nz> writes:

> Certainly there do seem to be some issues. And they seem to be
> related to whether or not nfs is in the kernel or not. When I try to
> build a new kernel this is the error I get:

You might have trouble with that if you build a static module, but
disregarding what Tranarc has been saying for the past N years, you
*can* do dynamic loading of the AFS kernel module in DU 4 and 5. To do
this you first have to create something loadable, and you do this like

        ld -dc -r -o /subsys/afs.mod libafs.nonfs.o

then you have to load the module:

        sysconfig -c afs

This will not work (at least not on older 4.0) if you have any MFS
mounted, since it hold the mount-list lock until it's unmounted. A
practical place to do this is in the autoconfconfig script in

        /sbin/init.d/autosysconfig add afs

What happens in 5.1 is that it crashes in ubc_page_release when you
try to write to the filesystem. This is either because something has
changed, or more likely because the UBC code in AFS is doing something
it shouldn't. I've tried to make some changes, and even though my
machine stands up for slightly longer, I can't say it's stable.