[OpenAFS] What is ProbeUuid failed?

Thomas Vincent thomasv@apple.com
Fri, 18 May 2001 07:08:16 -0700

On 5/18/01 7:01 AM, "Derek Atkins" <warlord@MIT.EDU> wrote:

> Is your server an OpenAFS server or a Transarc server?  Did
> the server fail requests for all clients or just one client?
> Can you be more specific in how the server stops responding to
> requests?

The server is a Solaris 8 new installation running 1.0.4 . The past two
weeks since the upgrade the server has just decided on occasion to stop
talking to people. Their are no errors in the logs, other then the ones I
have previously mentioned. The problem is with multiple clients. So far the
problem seems to be isolated to Darwin clients. Though I haven't used much

Thomas Vincent
Apple IS&T