[OpenAFS] FW: TR-62286 Outlook PST files in AFS space

aeneous@speakeasy.org aeneous@speakeasy.org
Fri, 18 May 2001 23:01:10 -0400

> Anyone think there's a possibility that OpenAFS may support byte-range
> locking someday?

How hard would it be to take the NFS lockd and fcntl() code and frob them 
to understand FIDs and authenticated RX?  (you want the authentication so you 
can trust the "l" bit on the ACL).  The theory behind NFS locking is that it 
is completely independent of the file access protocol.  Granted, it has its 
problems, but surely it's better than the status quo.   The scale of the 
project to support byte-range locks is different now that AFS is open-source.  
Isn't it?

I can't believe IBM is still shilling DFS.