[OpenAFS] FW: TR-62286 Outlook PST files in AFS space

aeneous@speakeasy.org aeneous@speakeasy.org
Sun, 20 May 2001 20:47:25 -0400

> I assume so..  However then we have a coordination issue to make
> sure that we don't re-use the same RPC numbers as IBM/Transarc.
> We have a similar problem with pioctl numbers.

two easy solutions:
1. put it on a different port. or
2. make it a different service.  call it "lk", for instance.

As for pioctls -- 
1 just reserve a half-dozen up front, or
2 skip ahead a few thousand or
3 use a magic number in the arguments so the pioctl code can tell that it's an 
OpenAFS call instead of an IBMAFS call.