[OpenAFS] rh71, oafs 1.04: unloading unused kernel module crash machine

tegner@nada.kth.se tegner@nada.kth.se
Mon, 21 May 2001 09:38:44 +0200 (MET DST)

Probably not related, but have had disk problems with RH 7.1 (e.g. constantly
forced fsck on reboot). This has happened on two (independent) machines which
were upgraded from RH 6.2, and seems to be a result of incompatible LBA and CHS
values. Obtained the following from Partition Magic

``Partition Magic has detected an error on the partition starting at sector
19390455 on disk 1. The starting LBA value is 19390455 and the CHS value is
16450559. The LBA value and the CHS value must be equal. Partition Magic has
verified that the LBA value is correct and can fix the CHS value''.

Have also experienced this on a fresh install of RH 7.1 on a machine with a 75
Gb disk.


> This seems pretty reproducable: On a vanilly redhat71 (i386) machine
> with openafs client installed, unplug the network, restart afs (e.g.
> reboot machine), and after it has timed out to the servers (and you
> get to a login prompt), unload the kernel module.  Boom.  No OOPSes
> but any disk related operations (i.e. almost anything) hang
> indefinitely.  The machine still answers ping though (if you plug
> network back in, that is).
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