[OpenAFS] ...Those That Help Themselves

William Setzer William_Setzer@ncsu.edu
30 May 2001 12:53:22 -0400

After our own bad experience, reading the number of horror stories
being posted to these lists, and hearing from other Universities with
similar tales, it has become fairly clear that IBM doesn't really care
about AFS, and we are unlikely to see things getting better.  This is
a big problem for NCSU, as AFS is a core component of making our
academic environment work, and there's really nothing available with
which to replace it.  I am certain that many of you are in the same

As such, my boss wants to me to feel out the other Universities and
businesses.  Have you thought about what's going to happen to AFS in
three years or if it'll even exist then?  What about a possible move
to OpenAFS?  What are you going to do about it all?

Perhaps it's time to band together and decide the future for
ourselves.  OpenAFS is a very attractive option, but like all Open
Source projects it relies upon dedicated volunteers and a decent
install base to flourish.  NCSU is willing to dedicate some manpower
to OpenAFS; maybe others will, too (if not doing so already).  I
hesitate to call for the forming of a Consortium--we all know how that
sometimes turns out--but something a bit less formal might be a good

Is anyone else interested in exploring these possibilities?  What
about good alternatives?  Please share your thoughts.