[OpenAFS] AFS server/cell setup tool (Linux)

Shyh-Wei Luan luan@almaden.ibm.com
Thu, 31 May 2001 15:01:53 -0700

We are working on a simple tool that can be used to set up new AFS servers
(including the first server in a new cell or adding a server to an existing
cell).   The tool can be used together with the Open AFS Linux server rpm.
The goal is to simplify the effort of setting up a new AFS cell or adding a
new server.  We are starting with Linux and the equivalent should be
possible to do later for other server platforms.   The tool can be used in
two ways - a command-line script or a Apache based browser interface.   The
idea is to get rid of all those AFS server configuration command steps that
are painstaking and error-prone.

I believe there are existing tools for automated AFS cell/server
installation.   It would be helpful if creators/users of such tools can
share their experiences with us so that we can do a better job of creating
something useful.   I also welcome others to provide any input that you
might have.

Shyh-Wei Luan