[OpenAFS] WIN2K / openafs1.2.4 / does openafs server work on windows ?

neil m neil@web100.co.uk
Tue, 4 Jun 2002 21:34:07 +0200

I just downloaded the latest openafs package for windows , after having no
luck setting up 1.2.3

The installer seems to be broken, doesn't put files in the right places ..

When I run the Server Config. Wizzard, it correctly gathers all my settings,
and then when it attempts to start the BOS server, it hangs and then times
out saying it's failed on a Error code 2. I'm also not able to get the
client service to start.

I have searched archives and google , but no go,.


There a few mentions of the problem , but no solution, however i see some
people using windows who have config issues while the server is running . so
i assume it works for some,

I run win2k , upto date.

If anyone has more info i would appreciate it :)