[OpenAFS] Can anyone reproduce this under LINUX (was: temporaryreference files do not disappear)

Balazs GAL balsa@rit.bme.hu
15 Jun 2002 11:08:54 +0200

2002-06-15, szo keltez=E9ssel Friedrich Delgado Friedrichs ezt =EDrta:

> > This is the program I used.  Can you send a similarly-short program
> > that reliably shows the problem?
> With your program i can reproduce the problem on my machine. debian
> woody, openafs 1.2.3final2-5 from unstable, self compiled 2.4.18
> kernel, ext3 as cache and data filesystem.

With Your program i can reproduce it too, but the files disappear after
file close in few minutes and dont remain in the directory. But i have
many such files remained in cache directories, produced e.g. from
mozilla, evolution, konqueror etc.
At this time clients and server are openafs 1.2.4 deb packages from
http://www.openafs.org/dl/openafs/1.2.4/debian-3.0/. The kernels are the
original debian 2.4.18 kernel compiled for 586tsc, 686, k7, modules are
compiled from openafs-modules-source deb package for 586tsc, 686, k7
kernels. The client cache partitions are on ext2 or ext3, the server
/vicepa partition is on ext3 filesystem.

Self compiled modules (from openafs-modules-source) are downloadable for
testing purpose from