[OpenAFS] cannot vos addsite, release, or syncvldb

J. Maynard Gelinas gelinas@lns.mit.edu
Fri, 21 Jun 2002 16:33:14 -0400 (EDT)

   Hi folks,

   I'm having a problem which I think is ubik related.... somehow I think
my vl database is trashed and/or ubik is unable to elect a master sync
site for the vlserver. Here is what I get when I attempt a volume

csraid1:/# vos release user.bldg-24.gelinas
Could not lock the VLDB entry for the volume 536870924.
u: not synchronization site (should work on sync site)
Error in vos release command.
u: not synchronization site (should work on sync site)

The same happens for any other volume operation, as well as for a backup
operation. I added a new database server this morning, following the
instructions in the administrators manual, and think I somehow trashed the
database. I note that all server instances on all hosts are running
normally and there's no apparent error in the log output.

bos status csraid1
Instance fs, currently running normally.
    Auxiliary status is: file server running.
Instance ptserver, currently running normally.
Instance vlserver, currently running normally.
Instance buserver, currently running normally.

[repeat for all other servers]

   This is causing strange inconsistencies between various hosts. Some
hosts are able to access certain volumes while others aren't. And I'm
unable to vos release updated RW replicated volumes.

Any suggestions? I'm stumped on how to fix this.