Re[5]: [OpenAFS] found some localhost error msgs

Derrick J Brashear
Wed, 14 Jul 2004 14:08:43 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 14 Jul 2004, Ron Croonenberg wrote:

>> But not sorry enough to not reply to me again:-P
> Uhm,  your address was in there too...  I believe that's how they come from the
> listserver.

Headers can be edited. I have no control over what your mail client does, 
and every one does something different. I hope you do, though.

>> what version is this? there was a bug in vos in (1.2.9?) but i thought we
>> fixed it
> I used the latest version, openafs-1.2.11.

ok. well, mail about it (the missing index thing) 
and i'll poke at that.

> I reinstalled all the rpm's and after fixing /etc/hosts (I dunno why that file
> was like that) it seemed to be ok.
> For some reason I still see in the windows "afs server manager" from
> the windows distribution. "vos listvldb" doesn't show them anymore though.

that's weird, maybe it caches it.

> btw: because of the token you get when "logging in" I assume that it isn't
> possible to connect to 2 different cells at a time.  correct ?

it is.
you can have tokens for any number of cells. i'm an admin in 2 in an 
adjacent window right now.