[OpenAFS] problems with ubuntu 18.04 client

Martin Flemming martin.flemming@desy.de
Fri, 5 Oct 2018 20:23:41 +0200 (CEST)

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Hi !

Thanks all for input and assistance !

For now i want to say all-clear ...

The situation is not so dramaticly as i thought,
We've got 3  of about 20 ubuntu 18.04 machines,
on which this problem appears ... but all 3 machines comes up with
this problem in 2 days and i want rather be active early than late ;-)

two of them got only once, and one,
has got this problem multiple times ....

In this case i've done the upgrade to 1.8.2 ...
After  it appears again, i've deleted the cache total with "rm -rf" and 
start the client again ... till now the user hasn't contacted us again .. :-)

Only short  comment to the hint of Harald in terms of  PAG

i think, it won't be a PAG problem, because the user couldn't see 
/afs/desy.de/user and at the same time i'm as well, for me it seems to 
be  a client-problem not a PAG ....  and nothing suspicious in the fileserver log ...

in terms to Andreas

> Does a reboot solve the issue ?

>Did you use ubuntu 18.04 and afs 1.6 before switching to afs 1.8 ?

No, we use the ubuntu openafs-client '1.8.0 ~ pre5-1' out of the box

>Are there issues from volumes in the salvager log  ?

No messages in salvager logs

and in terms to Benjamin

Thanks for the hint with apparmor policy, maybe we need this sometime ;-)

All the best and i wll report again, if Problems comes again

thanks & cheers,


On Fri, 5 Oct 2018, Benjamin Kaduk wrote:

> On Fri, Oct 05, 2018 at 09:21:31AM +0200, Andreas Ladanyi wrote:
>>> You need to update your apparmor policy to allow rw access to
>>> /var/cache/openafs/**; accesses are performed by the kernel cache manager
>>> on behalf of all processes and apparmor's view of the credentials do not
>>> line up.  MIT's configuration does this as of
>>> https://github.com/mit-athena/apparmor-config/commit/e3b34ce4d455574a235bbb8a512ad99f75155bc7
>>> -Ben
>> Is the openafs bug which is workaround by the apparmor config since
>> release 1.8 or also in 1.6 ?
>> The date of the commit is from february this year. AFS 1.8 was released
>> at april this year.
> The details of the openafs bug are not known (otherwise it would be fixed
> already).  It may be new in 1.8 -- January/February was when we started
> introducing 1.8.0 prereleases into Debian/Ubuntu, so the apparmor issues
> may have been new at that time.
> -Ben
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